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  • How long does it take to create a 3D animation?
    The time to create a 3D animation depends on several factors: Animation footage Cooperation with the client (Speed of delivery of materials, frequency of consultations and approval of project phases) Complexity/complexity of video animation: The amount of 3D models in the scene Animation style (realistic/stylized) Number of characters Lots of scenes Language and subtitles Lots of sounds Lots of special effects (explosion/liquid/smoke simulation) and more For a 60 second video it could be: Simple 3D animation: 2-4 weeks Moderately complex 3D animation: 4-8 weeks Complex 3D animation: 8+ weeks
  • What materials should you prepare before you start working with us on 3D animation?
    At the beginning of the cooperation, it is crucial to know what materials you have available for us and which we could use. Pre-prepared materials will facilitate and speed up the process animation creation. Thanks to them, we will know exactly what to create and avoid unnecessary duplicate work. Materials you may have ready for us include: Storyboard for video Graphic materials (logos, images, colors, typography) 3D models in various formats Text materials (subtitles, dialogues, captions) Sounds (background music, sound effects) If you don't have any of the above materials available, we can of course create everything.
  • How does the client process usually go?
    At the first meeting, we get to know the client, his requirements and goals. We get information about the end customer and evaluate the relevance of the project. We will propose possible solutions, a rough price estimate and the duration of the project. In the next meeting, we will supply references, styles, storyboard and script (if the client does not have his own). After the client's approval, we can start the work. During creation, we communicate with the client and send him the current results of the work to confirm the right direction. The work is divided into blocks (from milestone to milestone), with the possibility of two iterations for each. After the completion of the project and approval of the work by the client, we will hand over the final materials (in the case of animations, most often MP4 video format). The client pays the remaining amount. After this step, changes are no longer possible, only by agreement and for an additional fee.
  • How much does an average 3D animation cost?
    3D creation includes a large number of graphic components, and the price itself is not determined only by the length of the footage. Let's show it with an example. Imagine that the subject of the video is an analog alarm clock. Your product that you want to show the world in a 60 second animation . What can be examples of creation? 1. Your goal is to show clients what features the alarm clock has, what material it is made of, what it can do and how it can be used. Standard scene, attractive model, simple narrative and product descriptions, background music. In this case, the price ranges from CZK 30,000. 2. Perhaps you are selling an entire service with the alarm clock - tell them what the client will receive with the alarm clock order and how it will improve his quality of life. Play on emotions and tell customers a story. The scene includes multiple models, characters, is complemented by visual effects, story, scene changes, music and sound effects. The price of such a project ranges from CZK 100,000. 3. The alarm clock is on a mission, it is the flagship of your brand. The ad may go on television or be aired in a public square. You want to show your product in the best light. The audience gets goosebumps from the spectacle. Dynamic scenes and cuts, detail and action, visual effects and professional soundtrack. It is a top audio-visual experience, the pricing of which is done individually. Different styles and requirements are often combined. And, of course, it doesn't have to be about the product, but also about the image of the service. Also, your requirement is not necessarily exclusive graphics, but above all a large quantity - for example, a lot of video manuals without any complexity. Then, of course, the price is also approached differently.
  • Can I interfere in the creation process? What if I'm not satisfied with the results?
    Creative activity requires the cooperation of both parties. You certainly participate in the overall work - to what extent is up to you. We work independently, but we want to stay in touch with you . Depending on the total length and complexity of the project, we will agree on how often we will need to meet. For each subsequent meeting, we will have the further development of the project ready, together with the incorporation of your feedback from the previous meeting. This will avoid any misunderstanding or perhaps final dissatisfaction. You therefore have the opportunity to comment twice on each part - the first time is important to hear feedback on the work so far. After we incorporate the fixes and adjustments, we'll see if we got it right and what still needs to be tweaked. As a rule, this procedure is sufficient and always leads to the satisfaction of our clients. If, after agreeing to this double review, there are further requests for modifications, we will be forced to account for this activity in the total amount. This generally applies to previously agreed steps.
  • What can be shown in the browser?
    It goes without saying that your customer can freely rotate or zoom in on the product (limits can be set for both functions, sometimes it is simply not necessary to show everything). However, a whole range of other interactions can be set - changing the material on click, animation the entire model or part of it (e.g. pulling out a drawer), replacing the model (or part of it) with another. Different product labels or measurements can be easily displayed. Your logo may also appear when loading a scene. And the icing on the cake – display in augmented reality (AR) using a mobile device. These are the most used functions. We will be happy to show you another one.
  • What if I want to make changes to my portfolio?
    No problem, customer care is as important to us as the initial creation. You let us know what change requests you have, after we incorporate them, synchronization is a matter of one click.
  • Will the product display be smooth? And can it be viewed on all devices?
    For smooth browsing, the faster the device, the smoother the browsing. But the browser is designed so that most devices can handle it, from computers to mobile phones . The speed of the Internet connection then only affects the loading of the model. Optimizing the 3D model also plays an important role for smooth playback - and that's our job . You can try to make the model yourself, e.g. using photo scanning programs and similar alternatives. If the ideal conditions are met, you will probably get a pleasing result. But the model usually contains a lot of unnecessary geometry and the textures also take up a lot of space, so the whole scene takes a long time to load and ends up not running as you would imagine. Our job is to prepare the model so that it is as "light" as possible. Models for computer games and movies are being prepared in a similar style. The model needs to be made as simple as possible, but at the same time preserve its details. Model optimization is also important for Augmented Reality (AR) viewing.
  • How much does a 3D viewer cost?
    The price for the 3D viewer is divided into two parts. First of all, you need to create a 3D model of your product . Pricing depends on its complexity (shape, material). The approximate price is around 4,000-8,000 CZK per product . Examples can be furniture, clothing, simpler electronics, etc. More complex models such as organic objects, characters or complex machines are priced individually. The price of implementation into a 3D browser depends on the number of interactive elements you wish to have. Basic setting of the scene, cameras and lighting will cost CZK 4,000 . A standard interface with basic animations, simple configuration and, for example, the option to activate the product for AR, therefore costs approximately CZK 10,000. The more expensive variant then includes a number of other options. If you have more products and they are largely similar, a bulk discount can be applied. Let us know your request and we will definitely come up with a suitable offer together.
  • What if I need 3D models of my products but am not interested in a configurator?
    Then it's perfectly fine. Creating a 3D model is not necessarily connected to the configurator. We will create a reliable digital copy of your product for you. You can then use the model to create high-quality images, in animations, or for any other marketing activities. We will be happy to help you with this as well.

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