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We specialize in 3D

We simply love 3D and help others grow. We work efficiently and with high quality.


3D graphics - a passion that has become a professional matter. It's a matter of creativity and technical understanding. In our team, we complement each other harmoniously in both aspects.

Our team

Marek Žiak

Head of Technology
Material master

Honza Štancl

Graphics Lead
Animation master

Lukáš Oberreiter

Project Lead

Special effects

Azat Durdyev

Head of Sales
3D model master


With 3D graphics, it's possible to express almost anything. That's why we gladly take on unusual projects from which we learn and develop. But we also participate in various competitions, actively engage in 3D communities, and work on our own projects. In other words - we seek education and inspiration at every corner.

Let your passion stand out through our passion and get ahead of the competition.

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